The MK 4 is optimized for insensitivity to rear incident noise. As is typical for the classic cardioid, attenuation is 6dB at 90 ° side incidence, up to 30dB at rear incidence – depending on frequency and distance. Diffuse incident sound is reproduced 4.8 dB weaker than the front sound, which is the aggregation measurement. The larger it is, the less a microphone transmits “space” and the less sensitive it is to acoustic feedback.

Ideal for recording stages, debates, shows, magazines, and the general public with its polar diagram, at the same reverberation balance, the MK 4 can be positioned approximately 1.7 times farther from the sound source than a pressure receiver of the same sensitivity. Even in the diffuse sound field, that is, at a great distance from the sound source in the room, this type of microphone has a constant frequency response – except for a slight increase at 10 kHz.