The Blackmagic Web Presenter Mixer allows you to live stream plays, recitals, or all kinds of live performances on streaming platforms, like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Parents and family members who cannot attend the children’s end of year shows will now be able to see them wherever they are. Once the device is on, you can simply start the live broadcast and enjoy the show. By adding a Blackmagic Duplicator 4K, we can create several copies of the show on SD cards and distribute them at the end of the show!

Blackmagic Web Presenter is the best way to instantly deliver seminars, training, and conferences to your clients. The optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel turns the Blackmagic Web Presenter into a two-input live production mixer. With this solution, you consolidate all your video equipment into one device. Now you can shoot a presenter and create a presentation or use graphics from a computer, then fades between the different sources. The 12G-SDI program output can be connected to an external recorder to record high-resolution masters of events.